Mendacity or Hanging Leg Raises: the Incorrect Train for Abs

Leg raises is a extensively carried out workouts for constructing ab muscular tissues. Let’s uncover how far it serves the aim. Doing leg raises, or holding your ft six inches off the bottom or throwing your legs again down after you increase them makes your hip flexors tighter as an alternative of working the abs and places you in danger for again ache.

How & Why?

The muscle tissue primarily liable for elevating the legs are the psoas muscle tissues or hip flexor muscle, and never the stomach muscle. The hip flexor attaches on the higher/inside portion of your thigh muscle and sits beneath your abs and intestines and runs up and attaches to your spinal column, extra particularly your lumbar vertebra and disc. These muscle mass are a main reason for again ache.

To show that mendacity or hanging leg raises don’t particularly work the stomach muscle tissue; lie flat in your again as in the event you have been performing a leg increase. Place your proper hand on the prime of your pubic bone and your left hand on the underside of your rib cage. Now slowly increase your legs as much as the ceiling, not more than ninety levels. Did your palms come nearer collectively? No!

Location & Working of Ab Muscular tissues

The stomach muscle mass connect on the backside of the ribs and run down previous the stomach button and connect to the pubic bone. Keep in mind, a muscle contracts when the 2 endpoints come nearer collectively.

Solely when one pulls the legs previous the vertical place (ninety levels) and nearer to the top, that the pelvis begins to rock up in the direction of the top. You’ll start to really feel your arms transfer nearer collectively. It’s because you’re contracting your stomach muscle mass. You’re doing a reverse crunch.

In case you maintain your palms in the identical place and do a daily crunch you’ll discover your arms transfer nearer collectively, which tells us your stomach muscle tissues are doing the work.

Thus, crunches and reverse crunches are a number of the greatest workouts for working the ab muscular tissues.

Modified Leg Raises

Begin off by doing “one-leg raises” (with the opposite leg bent and supporting), ensuring your abdominals are braced and the decrease again is flat on the ground all through. When you are able to do as many of those as you need with management, pressure within the stomach, and ache free, then progress to 2 leg raises, however decrease them solely to 60 levels (decrease again all the time flat on the ground), then forty five levels, and so forth.

Solely progress in case you are utterly ache free and simply in charge of your legs and backbone.

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Updated: August 25, 2019 — 7:40 am

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